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The Problem

One in four U.S. households suffer from lack of home Internet access.

Technology has changed the way we do business, pursue education, find jobs, and interact with everyone from our family to our doctor to members of Congress. Yet nearly one in five Americans do not use the Internet at all. Disproportionately from low-income and minority communities, these populations risk becoming increasingly isolated from our digital society because they lack access to the Internet and the skills necessary to use it effectively.

As technology is reinventing our education, jobs, government, health sectors, and more, the divide is deepening. According to the FCC, lack of access costs the nation an estimated $32 billion annually in lost earnings potential, educational inequities, and health care inefficiencies.

Despite the increasing inequity, we now enjoy nearly ubiquitous coverage, dropping technology costs, and unprecedented alignment of public-private opinion on the importance of digital inclusion. Companies like Google and Facebook, governments across the world, and organizations like us have decided that digital inclusion is a problem that needs to be fixed, and it needs to be fixed now. The digital divide in America today is solvable—and we’re working to solve it.

U.S. Home Internet Access from U.S Census Bureau 2012


We want to reach 100%. Even though the numbers of households with home Internet access have increased tremendously, growth has slowed. An astounding one in four households in the U.S. don’t have home Internet access.

U.S. residents that lack home Internet access are disproportionately from low-income & minority communities.




"In the 21st century, having one-third of Americans sitting on the sidelines is as unthinkable as having one-third of our country without electricity in the 20th“

Julius GENACHOWSKI, Former FCC Chairman

EveryoneOn Board member Carlos Slim speaks at a Connect2Compete event.

In May 2011, former FCC chairman Genachowski challenged the broadband ecosystem to help close the adoption gap. Inspired by this challenge and the growing digital divide in the United States, Connect2Compete was founded. Connect2Compete marked an unprecedented collaboration of government, corporate, philanthropic, and community leaders committed to harnessing technology to improve the lives of low-income Americans.

The national nonprofit was aimed at eliminating the digital divide by providing high-speed, low-cost Internet and devices, as well as free digital literacy and training to families with children eligible for the National School Lunch Program. While we still work to serve these families, we realized there was a larger population that needed to be helped—and that’s how Connect2Compete transitioned into EveryoneOn.

Originally intended as a public awareness campaign designed to help all Americans access free digital literacy training in their communities, EveryoneOn soon became its own nonprofit, of which Connect2Compete remains just one project. EveryoneOn now works to provide affordable Internet access, devices, and digital literacy training to all Americans. It is vital that we encourage every American to take advantage of the tools he or she needs to succeed. The Internet is essential to finding a job, continuing learning outside the classroom, accessing e-commerce, connecting with family and friends, and so much more.

To date, EveryoneOn has helped connect over 56,000 households, and is ready to connect more.

Who We Are

STAFF  |  Meet Our Team!

  • Zach Leverenz Chief Executive Officer
  • Sheila Dugan Chief Marketing Officer
  • Vin Menon Chief Operating Officer
  • Reba Watkins Development Manager
  • Norma Fernandez Regional Manager, California
  • Kurt Peluso Regional Manager, New Jersey
  • Nolen Young Technology Manager
  • Reginald Galloway Operations Manager
  • Amber Petty Programs Associate
  • Suchita Mandavilli Communications Associate
  • Cara Wilner Programs Manager

Board of Directors & Advisers

We are deeply appreciative of our Board of Directors and Advisers who provide invaluable insight and support. Comprised of leaders from the nonprofit, philanthropic, government, financial, and communication sectors, our Board is integral to the success and future of our digital inclusion work.

  • Ben Hecht Board Member
  • Jed Katz Board Member
  • Jorge Martinez Board Member
  • Carlos Slim Helú Board Member
  • Josh Gottheimer Board Member
  • Jordan Usdan Adviser
  • Marco A. López, Jr. Adviser
  • Paula Ellis Adviser

Corporate Advisory Board

This year, we have also brought together a Corporate Advisory Board. We are grateful for their expertise and advice on current and future projects.

  • Sarah Dillard, SPD Advisory
  • Byron Garrett, Microsoft
  • Omar Gayle, Computer Dealers, Inc.
  • Scott Kinney, Discovery
  • Andrew Ko, Samsung
  • Adam Lewis, Apploi
  • Peter McElligott, Citrix
  • Katherine Messier, Mobile Beacon
  • Amy Quinn, Cox Communications
  • Rahul Pasarnikar, McKinsey & Company
  • Ben Roberts, The Martin Agency
  • Eric Seguin, Solix, Inc.
  • James Spillane, Sprint
  • Stephen Stokols, FreedomPop
  • Steve Trimitiere, FamilyWize
  • Jordan Usdan, Microsoft
  • Stephen Wakefield, Discovery
  • Alisson Walsh, Mobile Beacon
  • Monique Woodard, Black Founders

What We've Done

During 2014, EveryoneOn had three strategic priorities: (1) expand platform, (2) accelerate adoption, and (3) drive awareness. These priorities drove our work and defined the ways in which we worked to improve the state of digital inclusion in the United States

Expand Platform

During 2014, EveryoneOn decided to actively expand its platform in the hopes of reaching as many unconnected Americans as possible. This included launching new partnerships with Mobile Beacon, Mobile Citizen, Basic Internet, and Google Fiber.

The map above shows all the ZIP codes in which we have affordable Internet offers. Through our platform of partnerships, we are able to offer affordable 4G Internet service in 48 states. We have intentionally built our platform such that students, adults, and seniors are all able to determine their eligibility on the basis of their ZIP code alone.

Accelerate Adoption

The number of households with Internet access in the United States increases each year, but the rate at which it increases is too slow. Part of our goal at EveryoneOn is to increase that rate. There are a few ways in which we do this. Individuals can come to our website on their own and purchase affordable Internet, but we recognize that this is not necessarily the best tactic to accelerate adoption.

A large portion of our work is dedicated to facilitating bulk adoptions. We make it possible for organizations or school districts to prepay for Internet service and buy devices for their beneficiaries in bulk. This allows us to help provide devices and access on larger scales. Through bulk adoptions this year, we have connected close to 4,000 individuals.

We work with a platform of over 300 enrollment partners across the country that help spread the word about EveryoneOn’s offers. Enrollment partners include schools, libraries, digital training sites, and community organizations, which, by virtue of being an enrollment partner, automatically have all of their constituents prequalified for our offers. These enrollment partners help get people connected through EveryoneOn offers.

EveryoneOn is also proud to have joined the coalition of nonprofit partners working to fulfill the mission of ConnectED, a White House education initiative to put high-speed Internet in every schoolroom in the United States and to give students and teachers access to cutting-edge technology. We are working to provide support to this mission by serving as a national nonprofit partner, supporting the K-12 National Advisory Council on ConnectED, driving awareness and adoption of the new offers, as well as helping corporate partners implement ConnectED commitments. To date, leading private sector companies have donated close to $2 billion in free hardware, software, content, and wireless connectivity.

Drive Awareness

Part of our mission is to increase awareness of the problem of the digital divide and the fact that there are affordable solutions. As a part of this effort, this year we worked with the Martin Agency to run a multi-media campaign titled “Bring Curiosity Home.” Through television advertisements, bus shelters, and posters, we promoted the importance and value of having home access.

We also launched a blog, The LinkAge, which provides a hub for discussion and innovations in the digital inclusion space. On The LinkAge, we feature nonprofit, public, and private leaders who are working to fix the digital divide. The blog is a place to share best practices, acquire insight into digital inclusion issues, as well as learn about the changes that are constantly happening in the field.

Events in 2014

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EveryoneOn works with Internet Service Providers across the country, including Cox, Sprint, Mobile Beacon, Mobile Citizen, FreedomPop, and many others in order to provide affordable access in 48 states.

We also currently have over 300 enrollment partners including schools, libraries, digital training sites, and community organizations. These enrollment partners help get people connected through EveryoneOn.

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  • Washington, D.C.
  • San Antonio, TX
  • Seattle, WA
  • Boston, MA
  • Chicago, IL
  • Jacksonville, FL
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Topeka, KA
  • Salinas, CA


Living Cities

EveryoneOn officially received its 501(c)(3) status in April 2014, and is grateful to its former fiscal agent, Living Cities, an innovative philanthropic collaborative that blends the collective financial resources of its members and deploys their collective knowledge and experience to improve the lives of low-income people and the cities in which they live. From 2012 to 2014, Living Cities provided essential resources and capacity support to EveryoneOn, without which our work to date would not have been possible.

501(c)(3) Status

EveryoneOn is now a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and 100 percent of all donations received are tax deductible. Financial support helps us to maintain our commitment to providing high-speed, low-cost broadband, technology, and free digital literacy to ensure a fair and just future for all.

Support from the growing technology industry and other corporate partners is essential. Corporate support for our work comprised a significant portion of our revenue in 2012 and 2014 from leading technology and financial corporations committed to bringing digital opportunity to all. We continue to seek corporate funding and partnership opportunities.

2014 Expenses $1,505,020

  • General & Administrative 13%
  • Programs 87%
Employee Fringe $58,538
Rent, Travel, & Other G&A $92,823
Service Providers $41,080
Broadband Adoption & Training $983,802
Eligibility & Enrollment Systems $186,422
Marketing & Awareness $97,350
Measurement & Evaluation $45,005

2014 Income $1,810,580

  • Bulk Adoption Investments 13%
  • Corporations 7%
  • Foundations 79%
  • Individuals 1%
FOUNDATIONS** $1,430,000
TOTAL INCOME $1,810,580

**Represents gifts intended for use in 2014. Total receipts, including funds for 2014 and future years, were $3,220,000.

Generous support in the form of multi-year grants from our key local and national philanthropic partners continues to provide the majority of our funding. We are deeply grateful to the following foundations for their lasting commitment to closing the digital divide in the United States: Carlos Slim Foundation, John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, Wasserman Foundation, and the California Emerging Technology Fund.

For further information about our reported financials, please contact our Development Manager Reba Watkins at reba@everyoneon.org.

Where We're Going

We’ve done a lot of work to connect Americans to affordable Internet. But we’re nowhere near done.

We’re poised for 3.5x growth over the next two years. Right now there are over 36 million unconnected U.S. residents already qualified to take advantage of our offers, and we’re ready to get them connected.

Will you help us eliminate the digital divide?

Success Stories

“The Internet- you have to have it for everything. A lot of places, you have to apply online, and even for job searches. I’d walk to the school and they turned me away saying I had to apply online. I even applied for a job at a post office and was turned away because they said I had to check the website since they didn’t even know what positions were available. I think a lot of the low income Internet things, only apply if you have a child who is on the free or reduced school lunches. That was one of the things that I was so amazed by Mobile Beacon. People don’t understand how hard it is for a single person to make it in this world, and I’m very grateful that [this offer] is available to me even though I don’t have a child in the home.”

Blaine, Fort Worth, TX

Rosalba shared that having Internet at home will help her husband excel at work. He is required to complete an online food preparation training and on the same day they subscribed at the LA adoption event, "he completed his online training!". Additionally, "my son is in high school and needs access to the Internet and computer to complete his homework." "We are so happy to have had the opportunity to enroll and also receive a donated computer." She also shared that as a neighborhood ambassador, she will now be able to connect with her neighbors and other community leaders online

Rosalba Naranjo, wife and mother of three children


from EveryoneOn

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