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Rania Ahmed is EveryoneOn's Regional Director for Northern California. She joined EveryoneOn in April 2016, and she brings with her varied project management experience from the start up space in online marketplaces, customer experience strategy, and development work. She conducts community outreach and development in the Bay area and works with schools, housing authorities, and in addition, works on strategic tech partnerships in Silicon Valley. Prior to joining EveryoneOn, she spent many years at the Robin Hood Foundation, a New York City-based nonprofit that combines investment principles and philanthropy to fight poverty.

Outside of work, Rania is a non-discriminatory social activist and obsessed with connecting good hearts to do good for the world. A native of Sudan, she sits on the board of the Arab Film and Media Institute and is co-producing a documentary series named She Is Syria to highlight the resilience of Syrian women caught in the conflict.

The Digital Divide in Northern California

  • 12 percent of San Francisco residents—approximately 100,000 people—do not have access to the internet at home.
  • 15 percent of San Francisco’s public school students do not have internet access. That percentage doubles to 30 percent for African American and Latino students
  • 1 in 4 Oakland residents is not connected
  • 47% of Oakland youth do not have access to a computer at home 

Rania! San Jose [East Side Union High was awarded 4,000 lines] was accepted into the Sprint 1MP Program - thanks for your lead and support on this every step of the way!
— Dolan Beckel, Digital Inclusion and Broadband Strategies, City of San Jose
I have had the opportunity to work on connecting a family to high speed internet and the mother said to me “Thank you so so so much. We would have never had anyone care so much to give us an opportunity like this. It means the world
— Yolany Garcia

 Partner Spotlight

Partner Spotlight

Jiseki helps hard-working Americans save time, effort and money on everyday needs and health services. Jiseki is a star Digital Equity Champion of EveryoneOn - they connect thousands of low income families to high speed internet, devices, and digital literacy training centers by promoting EveryoneOn ads on their Facebook page.