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become an enrollment partner

Enrollment partners are school districts, nonprofits, and other community-based organizations that work with low-income populations who may benefit from low-cost internet service and computers.


EveryoneOn works with a network of organizations across the United States to promote the importance of digital literacy and spread the word about low-cost internet service offers and computers. Our Enrollment Partner program allows diverse organizations working with low-income populations to automatically qualify individuals and families for the discounted offers available in their area. Eligible organizations may include schools; nonprofits; municipalities; federal, state and local government departments/programs; public housing authorities; and affordable housing developers.

Start the process!

1. Complete the Partner Signup!

2. EveryoneOn will review your application and ensure there are offers in your area. We’ll send you a response within a week.

3. If approved, you will receive a unique URL and further instructions to help your members access available offers.

Benefits of Being an Enrollment Partner

Access to Low-Cost Offers

By becoming an Enrollment Partner you will facilitate access to low-cost internet service and computer offers for everyone you serve through your organization, whether they are students, seniors, or unemployed adults. (Note: Eligibility and service availability are verified during the enrollment process by each internet service provider and computer partner).

Track your Progress

EveryoneOn keeps track of how many people are accessing the low-cost internet service and computer offers by creating a customized portal for your organization. Through this portal, you will receive statistics on your digital inclusion efforts including unique URL visits.

National Support

We’re always looking for ways to support our partners by best practices, hosting webinars, and highlighting your digital inclusion work on our blog.

Committment to Connectivity

EveryoneOn is committed to reaching the millions of unconnected individuals and families living across the United States. Organizations such as yours are essential to this ambitious and essential effort. Our commitment to you:

  • Collaborate with your organization and/or department to identify how to best include a question about home Internet connectivity during the intake/eligibility process and share EveryoneOn resources with your consumers;
  • Provide your organization and/or department with a unique URL and page on our website to share low-cost Internet service, affordable computers and devices,and digital literacy resources with your consumers;
  • Provide real-time analytics on your connectivity efforts (i.e. visits to your unique URL);
  • Access to webinars, Internet adoption toolkits, and case studies;
  • Recognition on the EveryoneOn blog and during conferences 

Will you join EveryoneOn as an Enrollment Partner to help ensure all people and communities have access to low-cost internet service, affordable computers and devices, and digital literacy resources?

Here is what saying yes means:

Our organization is committed to eliminating the digital divide and will do our best to:

  • Drive awareness of low-cost offers via our unique URL.
  • Facilitate enrollment in internet service low-cost offers, when possible.
  • Actively participate in community of learning & practice.