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Miami’s next big tech win could happen where there’s the least internet

Shel-Neisha Bromell is your typical millennial. She’s constantly posting on Instagram and Facebook. She giggles while scanning through Snapchat stories on her cell phone.

But when it’s time to do anything substantive, she’s stuck. She doesn’t have a computer or internet access at home. She simply can’t afford it.  

Your View: 1 million Miami-Dade residents can’t keep living without Internet

Google it. Apply here. Sign-in. E-mail me.

For 42 percent of Miami-Dade County residents, these familiar phrases are a dead end, especially when it comes to mandatory online homework assignments, higher-paying jobs, and e-commerce. The Internet has become as necessary as water and electricity, but more than 1 million people in Miami-Dade County alone, largely from low-income and minority communities, have no connection at home.