Our ConnectWell program leverages the power of the internet to improve patient health and reduce hospital costs.

What We Do

In partnership with a funder, a hospital, and a software provider, we provide a group of patients with:

  • Free internet service

  • A Wi-Fi enabled tablet

  • Health management software

  • Additional materials (as needed)

Patients log their health metrics periodically using the health management software. Their care providers remotely monitor their condition and provide virtual care.

In a 2016 study by the University of Mississippi Medical Center and Federal Communications Commission, 100 diabetic patients over six months received internet  service and health monitoring software so their care providers could provide virtual care. The results: zero hospitalizations and emergency room visits leading to cost savings of more than $300,000 in six months. 


ConnectWell is currently in progress in Macon, GA in partnership with CoBank, Navicent Health, and Robin Health. This pilot focuses on patients with diabetes.