Outreach & Enrollment Strategies

There are a few things your school and school district can do to inform families about low-cost home internet service and devices. These are our suggestions.

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1. Share this tool kit with teachers and parent-facing staff members encouraging them to:

  • Download this customizable flyer (link) and post it in your classroom

  • Order FREE collateral about Access from AT&T and distribute to students and families

2. Use your digital communication platforms to disseminate flyers

Does your school utilize email, Class Dojo, Peachjar, Edmodo, Schoology, or other digital platforms to communicate and share resources with students’ families? Consider sharing the EveryoneOn flyer and/or Access from AT&T flyer via these channels.  

Check out these flyers created by schools and districts:

Ceres Unified School District

Fresno Unified School District

Enrollment Fair.png

3. Back-to-school nights

These events are perfect opportunities to inform families about important resources, like low-cost internet service. Download this customizable flyer (link) and have it available for parents at a resource table. You can also order FREE collateral about Access from AT&T to have available for the event.

4. NSLP mailing

Many families who participate in the National School Lunch Program may also participate in SNAP (food stamps) or SSI (Supplemental Security Income if they live in California). If possible, include the EveryoneOn flyer and/or Access from AT&T flyer in the NSLP mailing.  


5. Technology initiative events

Device deployment activities, internet safety workshops, and other technology related events are also perfect opportunities to remind families about the importance of internet service at home, beyond the smartphone, and the options available to them, like Access from AT&T. Have collateral available and if you have extra time, consider a brief presentation about where they can find low-cost internet options!

6. EveryoneOn & Access from AT&T links on school or district websites

The easiest way to communication this information to families is by adding the EveryoneOn link to your school or district’s website. The link will direct families to our offer locator tool where they can find low-cost internet options and devices. We invite you to consider also adding Access from AT&T’s link to your websites, which will take families to the application so that they could start the process!

Check out what these schools and districts did:

El Monte Unified High School District

Logan Township School District

Palmer Elementary School

Alamo Colleges