How We Work With PartneRS


At EveryoneOn, we know that people and organizations are critical to fostering digital equity. That is why our model includes collaborating with diverse national, state, and regional organizations as well as internet service and device providers to design and implement digital inclusion activities. Learn more about how we can work together:  

Become a Digital Equity Champion

Become an Internet Partner

Become a Device Partner


Become a Digital Equity Champion

Digital Equity Champions are individuals, organizations, agencies, and other groups who work directly with low-income people and are committed to providing information about low-cost internet service, devices, and digital literacy resources as part of their service offerings.


EveryoneOn works with a network of organizations across the United States to increase access to low-cost internet service, affordable computers, and digital literacy resources.

We call these organizations Digital Equity Champions and we invite you to join us!

Contact us to learn how your organization can become a Digital Equity Champion.


Benefits of Being a Digital equity champion


By becoming a Digital Equity Champion, EveryoneOn will provide your organization with a unique URL that can be placed on your website and shared on social media channels to direct people to low-cost Internet service, affordable computers, and digital literacy resources. (Note: Eligibility and service availability are verified during the enrollment process by each internet service provider and computer partner).


We’re always looking for ways to support our partners by sharing best practices, hosting webinars, and highlighting your digital inclusion work on our blog.

Feature Your Internet Service Product on Our Platform

EveryoneOn solicits a wide range of internet service providers to feature their low-cost internet products on our offer locator tool. Those featured have met our minimum service and price standards and are committed to working with EveryoneOn in helping connect families and individuals. If you are an internet service provider with low-cost plans interested in being featured, please email EveryoneOn at


We strive to feature internet service offers that are low-cost, provide adequate speeds and data and are easy to apply for. Internet service providers and service plans must meet the minimum requirements in order to be featured on EveryoneOn's offer locator tool:

  • Technology: Cable or wireless (must be 4G LTE)
  • Speeds: 10mbps down/1up
  • Data allotment: (wireless –minimum 3GB/month; throttled speeds acceptable) (wired –minimum 100GB/month; throttled speeds acceptable)
  • Data cost: $10-$20/month maximum; no overages for exceeded data
  • Equipment cost: $100 maximum; one-time fee, no monthly leasing options
  • Data analysis: ISP will report anonymized subscription data (monthly)
  • Term: Month-to-month service, no long term commitment 

If limited offers or no offers are available in a region, EveryoneOn may feature offers that do not meet its minimum requirements but provide service.

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Become a Device Provider

EveryoneOn partners with computer retailers and authorized computer refurbishers to feature affordable desktops, laptops, and tablets on our offer locator tool. If you are interested in your device being featured, contact us at