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We help bring low-cost internet and computer offers to those who need them.

People can take advantage of these offers in multiple ways:

  1. Through our offer locator tool, people can learn about internet offers, device offers, and digital literacy training providers in their community. They can access this information by visiting our website at 

  2. Our network of partners serves under-resourced people across the country every day. This network includes more than 650 enrollment partners and an increasing number of Digital Equity Champions.


ConnectHomeUSA (formerly ConnectHome Nation) is a movement to bridge the digital divide for public housing residents in the United States under the leadership of EveryoneOn. By helping residents get connected at home and get access to digital literacy and educational content, we aim to make public housing a platform for change.

“This is not something government does by itself. Non-profits like EveryoneOn [...] are going to help make this work on the ground.” — President Barack Obama, July 15, 2015.

The pilot ConnectHome program launched in 2015 under the Obama administration. This pilot took place in 27 cities and one tribal nation, in collaboration with public housing agencies, local government, internet service providers, and nonprofit organizations. Since then, 37 percent of HUD-assisted households with children in these communities have gained internet access through ConnectHome efforts. Visit for updates.


Digital Equity Champions 

EveryoneOn recently launched a new initiative to help reach our goal of connecting one million people to the power of the internet by 2020. This initiative engages diverse organizations across the country to increase access to low-cost internet service, affordable devices, and digital literacy resources.

We call these organizations Digital Equity Champions (DECs). Imagine the impact if social workers, intake specialists and financial aid counselors across the country were asking consumers if they have internet connectivity in the home and connecting those who do not with the resources of EveryoneOn.


Our ConnectWell program leverages the power of the internet to improve patient health and reduce hospital costs through telehealth initiatives.

Coding for Change

Coding for Change helps low-income teens build computer knowledge by providing them with a free device and basic coding training. 


The ConnectWealth program combines digital inclusion with financial literacy, providing participants with both internet access and training in personal finance.

Senior Tablet Training Pilot

We provided free tablet training workshops for senior citizens in public housing, to decrease isolation, and improve the quality of their lives.