Talking to Parents/Guardians

We know parents/guardians very often look to principals, teachers, community/parent liaisons and other school staff for all sorts of information and resources. When the question about low-cost internet service and affordable computers comes up, the information below can help you share with parents/guardians why internet service at home (beyond the cell phone) is essential to their child’s educational growth and guide parents to learn more about their options.

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Why do I need internet service at home?

Very often, students are asked to complete and submit their homework assignments online. Having a reliable internet connection at home will help your student access and submit these assignments.

In addition, we are living in a digital world. It is important that your student learn how to use the internet safely and responsibly; build critical tech skills, like typing and coding; and learn how to find and access important resources, like Khan Academy (a platform of free educational videos).

I have internet service on my cell phone. Isn’t that enough?

Internet service on your cell phone is great! Sometimes, however, data caps, speeds, and screen size may present a challenge for a student attempting to complete a homework assignment, fill out a college or scholarship application, or watch educational videos. While it is possible to do these things on cell phones, students will more than likely have a better experience if they are connecting to high-speed internet service on a laptop, desktop, or tablet.

And….low-cost internet service helps you save money!

The average cost of high-speed internet service is $50/month for promotional deals and exceeds $60/month after the promotional deal expires--this varies by location and Internet Service Provider. A low-cost internet service offer may save you between $40-$50/month, depending on the program.

Finding & Applying for Low-Cost Internet

How do I find low-cost internet service programs?

To find low-cost internet service options in your area, visit It’s very simple: 1) enter your zip code; 2) answer one eligibility question; and 3) view the low-cost internet service options, affordable laptops, and digital literacy resources. Here you’ll find offers like Access from AT&T, which is $10/month, for those who are eligible.

EveryoneOn is a national nonprofit dedicated to ensuring all people are connecting to the internet, and that cost is not a barrier. Here’s a flyer you can take home! (link)

How much does low-cost internet service cost?

On the EveryoneOn website, you may find a few options. But generally, the offers range from $10/month to $20/month, depending on availability and eligibility. Visit to learn more!

How do I know if I’m eligible for Access from AT&T?

The best way to find out is to visit the program website:

Eligibility criteria includes:
1) At least one member in your household, participates in SNAP (food benefits). For California residents, at least one member in your household must receive SSI. You must submit a copy of the SNAP or SSI letter or a picture of your SNAP or SSI card;

2) Do not have any outstanding debt with AT&T Internet service within the last six months or outstanding debt incurred under this program;

Availability of internet service is determined during the application process.

How do I apply for Access from AT&T or other low-cost internet service programs?

For Access from AT&T, visit You can apply online, download the application, or call customer service to request an application to be mailed to your home. You can also call (855) 220-5211

For other options, visit Here’s a flyer you can take home! (link)


Online Learning & Resources

Where I can find information about how to use the internet?

EveryoneOn Digital Learning Center:

AT&T Digital You

Where I can find information about internet safety?

Common Sense Media:

Common Sense Latino (en Español):

Print this page and share it with school staff!