Welcome to The LinkAge

Welcome to The LinkAge, EveryoneOn"s new blog.

As an organization dedicated to closing the digital divide, part of our mission involves driving awareness about the reality and complexity of the problem in the United States. One in four U.S. households lack home Internet access. The statistic is alarming and demonstrates the problem’s gravity, but there’s more to the story than just statistics.

That something “more” is what we want to cover here. With The LinkAge, we hope to provide a space to talk openly about issues in the digital adoption space, share stories of success from our partners across the country, and offer best practices from our and our experienced partners" time working on the digital divide. How do you communicate the relevance of the Internet? How does Internet access change lives? What"s the best way to teach digital literacy skills?

We’re not here to tell you our opinions or to spread some specific message. We’re here to connect—link, if you will—together people who are interested in the problem of the digital divide in the United States so that we can learn from one another and effectively address the problem.

If you have an interest in contributing to The LinkAge, please email suchita@everyoneon.org.