Weekly Wrap-Up, September 19, 2014

The Hill provides a look at the battle politicians are waging over net neutrality. Interested in learning more about the topic? This past week, the FCC held Open Internet Roundtables that are now available to watch.

"Digital literacy" is becoming increasingly necessary to succeed. But what, Marcus Wohlsen asks in Wired, do we mean by the phrase?

Facebook and Google have both been hard at work to find new and innovative ways to provide Internet access across the globe. This week, Google requested permission to test drones, which could one day provide access to areas that otherwise could not have Internet.

Cities in Connecticut search for a high-speed Internet provider to bring faster access to New Haven, Stamford, and West Hartford.

Temple Independent School District implements a 1:1 technology initiative. Incoming freshmen will receive a personal Chromebook and unconnected students will get a mobile hot spot to allow for Internet access even when they"re not on school premises.

In the Verge, Daryl Myers tells the story of his unsuccessful two-year battle to get Internet access at his home in Washington.