Featured: Solix, Inc.

Organization Name: Solix, Inc. Mission: Solix is committed to helping customers deliver services that improve people’s lives. Supporting this mission is our determination to be the best choice in the market for ensuring the right services are delivered to the right people in the right way.

What prompted your organization to become involved with the problem of digital access?

Our company has played a critical role over the years in providing services to programs similar to Connect2Compete that are designed to help people and institutions that do not have adequate resources receive support, whether they are schools, libraries, low-income residents, or seniors. Solix’s interest in the efforts to lessen the “digital divide” was natural; we felt we could help this program achieve success like so many others with which we’ve partnered. Our people not only have the skills and experience to support this effort but enjoy the role they play in helping others receive needed services.

Why do you think digital access is important?

We’ve been involved with and on the front lines of numerous programs over the years, so we have personally witnessed what the success of these programs means for recipients. Digital access is similar to energy assistance, affordable phone access, and technology support for medical providers in remote locations—it’s a service that is no longer a luxury but a necessity to either help people succeed or have services that provide security or basic needs.

How do your services help organizations solve the digital divide?

One of Solix’s core strengths is enabling organizations to succeed and meet the goals of their programs through our eligibility-determination expertise. A problem such as the digital divide cannot be solved if organizations and programs dedicated to eliminating it are unsuccessful in delivering support to recipients who truly need it. We help protect organizations from fraud or abuse and enable programs to run efficiently and get help to the right people.

From your experience, what can organizations do to increase their impact in the broadband industry

Impact is reliant on the success of the delivery of effective support and services. Great programs can falter if they are not supported by efficient processes that successfully reach intended beneficiaries. In addition, top quality customer service is also essential. An experience that is complicated, cumbersome, and not user friendly will dissuade people from participating out of frustration.

Please briefly describe your strategy for implementing eligibility processes with the Connect2Compete program.

Solix worked to design a program that would enable parents of school-aged children to apply to the program based on a variety of eligibility requirements. This included creating systems and processes for partners to view the status of applications. Program Integrity measures were developed to ensure system controls were in place for numerous areas of the program including application processing, call centers, and the program’s website. As Connect2Compete moves forward, these procedures and controls result in a tested and efficient process that creates a database by which waste and fraud can be eliminated and the delivery of support can be expedient.

How do your solutions improve programs like Connect2Compete?

Our extensive program administration experience along with our expertise in creating and executing effective processes have helped organizations deploy highly efficient and compliant broadband access programs. The eligibility determination services we offer help customers manage programs with intricate rules-based criteria that are often subject to regulatory guidelines as well as compliance reviews. Combined, these solutions empower programs like Connect2Compete to focus on outreach and education as the infrastructure behind it helps it to successfully deliver its services to its intended recipients.