Bring Curiosity Home

Last week, EveryoneOn launched "Bring Curiosity Home," a new multimedia advertising campaign designed to get unconnected households online and spread the word about our $10 per month solution. Created by the award-winning Martin Agency, the campaign features a new television public service announcement and out-of-home media, like bus shelters. The ads encourage families and students to sign up for low-cost Internet service by showcasing the wealth of knowledge they have at their fingertips. With this new campaign, we wanted to directly state its value to the consumer—the ability for households to find low-cost Internet service offers. The call to action is clear and describes how viewers can learn more about the low-cost Internet service offers available through EveryoneOn.

EveryoneOn also debuted its new SMS text messaging system in the ads. By texting ‘Connect’ to 215-45, users can quickly find if they are eligible for our Internet offers, sign up, and discover the closest free digital literacy course. This makes it easy for users to learn about EveryoneOn"s services without having to visit our website.

We only targeted communities where we could have the greatest impact. That means you’ll only see our advertisements in cities with a variety of low-cost offers and a strong network of nonprofit partners available to conduct digital literacy classes and ease a household’s transition online. Our partner, the PVBLIC Foundation, placed posters and bus shelter ads in the low-income communities that would benefit the most from EveryoneOn"s services. Cox donated advertising space to EveryoneOn in markets where its discounted Internet offer is available.

Finally, we want viewers to understand the value of Internet connectivity. By now, it"s common knowledge that the Internet is no longer a luxury good. We use it to apply for jobs online, fill our prescriptions, conduct research for school papers, and do our taxes.

What"s often forgotten is that the Internet allows us to explore the world beyond our living rooms, kitchen tables, and classrooms. Online, you can watch a doctor perform heart surgery, read about Thomas Jefferson, or learn how a shark’s digestive system works. That adventurous spirit is reflected in our new ads. We want people to know that we"re here to help them bring curiosity to their homes. We hope you enjoy them!