Weekly Wrap-Up, December 19, 2014

Writing for Forbes, Chander Chawla argues that net neutrality is one of the most important debates of our

time. In the Washington Post, Nancy Scola explains how net neutrality in the United States might be an international human rights issue.

In the age of the Internet, the lines between public and private lives are fading. In a new report, the Pew Research Internet Project investigates the question of the future of privacy.

In a new report, “Competition Among U.S. Broadband Service Providers,” the U.S. Commerce Department’s Economics & Statistics Administration examines the issues in the ISP marketplace.

In the Guardian, Nathan Eagle reports on the state of smartphone technology in developing countries, & argues that we shouldn’t let these countries fall behind.

As we approach the end of the year, Education Week looks back at President Obama’s edtech promises he made in 2008 & the progress we’ve made.

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