Weekly Wrap-Up, June 12, 2015

Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT), who helped introduce the Broadband Adoption Act of 2015, visited schools in Connecticut to hear the stories of children who suffer from lack of home Internet access. Everyone talks about the Internet of Things, but how big is it, exactly? And how will it continue to grow? Philip N. Howard explains on Brookings’ TechTank.

As part of CityLinkLA, an initiative to make sure residents of Los Angeles are connected, the Los Angeles City Council approved a Request for Participants to find providers to deploy 1 GB networks.

The FCC’s net neutrality rules take effect today, explains Michelle Davis for Bloomberg.

This week the House of Representatives passed a bill to extend the ban on state and local taxes on Internet, report Mario Trujillo and Cristina Marcos for the Hill.

Elon Musk’s SpaceX continues to test satellites that could provide Internet service. Musk recently filed with the FCC for permission to begin testing the service.

And finally, the New York Times Editorial Board came out in favor of the FCC expanding its Lifeline program to subsidize Internet service for low-income households. “Lifeline is an important benefit that helps keep the least fortunate Americans connected,” writes the Board. “There is no question it should be expanded to include Internet service.”