Weekly Wrap-Up: July 02, 2015

Check out (above) the ‪‎ConnectED progress video released this week.

A great article about JerseyOn and its partnership with Montclair Kids First.

AT&T is prepared to offer a cheaper standalone broadband offering for low-income consumers if its DirecTV merger is approved, the firm said in an FCC filing made public July 2.

From the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference this week: FCC's Jessica Rosenworcel: Students need broadband at home, too.

Gigi Sohn, counselor to Federal Communications Commission chairman Tom Wheeler, told a fiber-to-the-home conference in California this week that the FCC was ready to step in to preempt any more state laws that hampered municipal fiber buildouts and would give cities money to build them if the big telecom companies don't step up.