Weekly Wrap-Up

It was big week in ending the digital divide. We saw lots of stories about ConnectHome, our work with U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to connect children and families in HUD-assisted housing with access to high-speed Internet. Watch the full ConnectHome announcement here. Start watching at around the 18:30 minute mark for a description of ConnectHome’s partners and a special EveryoneOn shoutout at around the 19 minute mark.

We contributed to an article in the Memphis Commercial Appeal about the roll out of the ConnectHome pilot in Memphis. “Participating partners and stakeholders will convene over the next month to plan how the program will be carried out in various cities, said Reba Watkins, national partnerships and development manager of EveryoneOn, a nonprofit that is collaborating with HUD on the program.

View more coverage on the ConnectHome launch from The New York Times, Bloomberg News, Wired, CNet and The Washington Post.  Also, check out #ConnectHome on social media.

Want to learn about how Internet access around the world is changing? Check out these eight maps that give insight to the digital lives around the world.

Read Tom Vander Ark’s piece about why students deserve technology at home.  “NPR’s Marketplace ran a well intentioned piece discussing model classrooms at the Oyler School in Cincinnati. It described classrooms full of technology but lamented the fact that few students had computers or connectivity at home,” he writes on GettingSmart.com. “We’ve known the answer to this question for 20 years, it’s take home technology."