Weekly Wrap-Up, September 04, 2015

This week, we held a Sprint ConnectED event at the Sprint SEEO Charter School in Pomona, CA. Sprint provided more than $500,000 in free broadband service to help bridge the digital divide for these students. Read an article from the Daily Bulletin.

Read a new report about digital Inclusion in Native Communities, specifically the role of tribal libraries.

Wondering about how to help your children experience the Internet for the first time? Explore AT&T and Common Sense media’s Digital You, a collection of online resources for raising a child in the digital age.

Data is immensely powerful. The trick lies in organizing the stuff. The good news is that so many organizations, including the White House, are now offering tools that help with this—and so many of these tools are open source. Check out a story about a new open source map from the White House that is meant to help anyone visualize government work across the country.

Interested in a data-driven digital inclusion for a strategy for gigabit cities? Check out this slide share presentation from the Denise K. Linn from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.