Weekly Wrap-Up, October 02, 2105

Which US States Are Most ‘Future Ready’ For Digital Learning? The Department of Education’s Office of Educational Technology has been on the road this year. From Providence to Phoenix, the government’s team has criss-crossed the country encouraging school district leaders to sign the Future Ready Pledge, which first launched in early 2014. Signing the pledge marks a commitment to implementing meaningful changes toward being a technology-integrated district that “supports teachers and addresses the district’s vision for student learning.”

But where has the government’s efforts been most successful? After over a year of signups and 13 summits across the country, where had the Future Ready Pledge caught on fastest? Read EdSurge’s Report.

A decades-old federal program that helps low-income families purchase basic telephone service is being modernized in a way that will encourage those families to become more active, better informed citizens. Read Common Cause’s thoughts on a “A New LifeLine for Democracy.

Read an update from the Broadband Technology Report on all things digital divide including ConnectHome.

Speaking of ConnectHome, read the announcement about the Memphis launch.

ICYMI: Broadband Opportunity Council's report: 20 fed agencies to overhaul policies to promote #broadband access http://bit.ly/1V7vN16