Happy Thanksgiving from EveryoneOn

At EveryoneOn, we are thankful for a lot of things. We are thankful for our families and our health. We are thankful for the homes that we live in and the technology we have. But, most of all, we are thankful that we have support from others in our work to help end the digital divide.

Each year, our work connects thousands of people across the United States. From Choctaw Nation to California to Mississippi, the mission of EveryoneOn is that no matter where you live, what you make or who you parents are, you should have the access to the Internet and the opportunity that it provides.

Take for example the mom in Oklahoma who does her college-level homework in the parking lot of a local hospital because she doesn’t have a home Internet connection. But, thanks to ConnectHome, she soon will. Or, the mom in Georgia—a survivor of domestic violence—who, thanks to an EveryoneOn partnership, now has a home Internet connection and device, which lead to a new job and educational opportunities for her sons.

Inspired to help us do more? As we begin this holiday season, we are asking for your help to continue to do the great work that we do. Donate to our mission here, where 100 percent of funds raised go back to helping other experience the power and opportunity of the technology.

Give today.