Connect with Promise: Providing Internet Connectivity & Devices to Families in Public Housing

The City of Los Angeles currently lags behind the rest of California in terms of home Internet adoption, with 24 percent of all Los Angeles households lacking access to Internet connectivity. To tackle this and other challenges in the Los Angeles area, and to strategically position Los Angeles for decades to come, a group of community-focused Angelenos instituted the “My LA 2050 Grants Challenge.” EveryoneOn has answered this call, but we need your help. From today until October 25, 2016, you can vote for our proposal, which will create Internet connectivity and devices for families living in public housing within Los Angeles’ designated Promise Zones.

Help us to use connectivity to create social mobility by voting for EveryoneOn to win the MY LA 2050 Grant. Please share our voting page using the short URL

Why is this important?

Closing the digital divide in Los Angeles is of critical importance because 22 percent of the almost one million people in the area that lack home connectivity are school – aged children. This figure is even more striking when one realizes that 30 percent of these children live in poverty. The impact of the digital divide lies in how it compounds and deepens the other social inequalities that these children face. For example, 80 percent of K-12 students need the Internet to do homework, 90 percent of college applications are filled out online, and 90 percent of job applications are hosted online. Furthermore, unemployed people with Internet access are employed more than 7 weeks faster, which translates into an additional $5.000 per year. Across the realms of education, employment, and beyond, the means of advancement are digital in this day and age. This is especially true for families living in public housing who, on average, live at 50 percent of the poverty line.

EveryoneOn is committed to eliminating the digital divide by making high-speed, low-cost Internet, computers/tablets, and free digital literacy training accessible to all unconnected people in the United States. Help us do more!  Vote TODAY for EveryoneOn to win the MY LA 2050 Grant. Please share our voting page using the short URL