Finding a new job online

I am now able to go onto the internet at any time of the day, or night “EVERYDAY.” I am able to work, and search for anything that I need without a time restriction.

I have been unemployed for one year, and four (4) months. I have always been employed with full-time work, and have had the opportunity to build lives through community work.  I have a B.S. degree, and yet I have not been able to find employment.  I have been going to the public library 2 to 3 times a week to use the computer there to post my resume on job sites, and to follow up with leads that I have gotten from family, friends, and various organizations.  This is very time consuming, and costly (gas for the car, and bus/train rides.)  When you are a single parent, and not working this small price adds up to be a huge cost.

I am happy that we met at the Southwest Enhancement Center.  I heard about a class that was being held there by the Geek Squad on Computers “Training the Trainer,”  I enrolled for all three (3) of the classes, and it was on that second class that we started up a conversation.  Through that communication you learned what a struggle it was for me to keep up my job search, and being on top of learning about opportunities for training before they expired.  I am happy that I was led to speak out, and speak up; because it was there that you learned how important, and essential it was that I have internet at home.  You asked me to call you, and I followed up.  Thank God that I did!

I now have internet at home because of you, and your organization.  It has changed my life for the better.  I am now able to go onto the internet at any time of the day, or night “EVERYDAY.” I am able to work, and search for anything that I need without a time restriction.  When you are at the library you have one (1) hour to use the computer; also It has cut out the expense of bus, train, and gas for my car.  This may seem small for many, but to me it it is a huge help, and has brought me more peace of mind.

On Monday I started my IC3 Certification class that requires three (3) months of classes, and extensive studying.  I received the internet, and one (1) week later I am in the class. What a wonderful Blessing.

I learned a lot from the Geek Squad training sessions, and on top of that I gained wisdom from learning that, “If you are consistent, and stay on the path of what you need to make your life more fruitful, and productive”, then all the Blessings that you need to make that happen will appear, JUST WHEN YOU NEED IT MOST!

In closing I would like to say to anyone reading this, please learn and know how important it is to be consistent, to keep learning new things (even in the midst of the storm), always communicate your needs if they are not selfish, always give the proper thanks, and never give up; because with these ingredients, and Prayer…what you need most to keep moving forward with success of completion “WILL HAPPEN” for you, just when you need it the most.

Abena Disroe