For Single Adults Entering the Workforce, the Internet is Essential

I’m working as a teachers aid and getting $700/month. I even have a college degree. All we have is a cable company and the cheapest internet is $45/mo, talked down to $35/mo, but taxes went up to make it $45. To pay that much for such a slow speed is just not worth it. The Internet- you have to have it for everything. A lot of places, you have to apply online, and even for job searches. I’d walk to the school and they turned me away saying I had to apply online. I even applied for a job at a post office and was turned away because they said I had to check the website since they didn’t even know what positions were available. I think a lot of the low income Internet things, only apply if you have a child who is on the free or reduced school lunches. That was one of the things that I was so amazed by Mobile Beacon. People don’t understand how hard it is for a single person to make it in this world, and I’m very grateful that [this offer] is available to me even though I don’t have a child in the home.”


Fort Worth, TX