Learning At Home

This program is very good for my kids, so that they can have the opportunity to get more education.

“We didn’t have enough money to buy a computer or pay for Internet. For me it was very important, and this program is very good for my kids so that they can have the opportunity to get more education”  (translated from Spanish) – Juana Gomez 46 year-old mother of 5 in San Diego.

“With me, it just makes writing essays and doing research and applying to college easier because I don’t have to stay after school for a long time. I can do everything here at home without worries,” – Emiliano Gomez (Juana’s 18 year old son) from San Diego.

Gomez signed up for the program after hearing about it at her youngest children’s school, Lincoln Elementary in Escondido. Her children used to have to go to the library or stay late at school to use the Internet.

Gomez, who grew up in Guatemala, has been able to continue her own education by taking classes online. She said she’s completed elementary classwork and is now working on middle school curriculum. “I feel much happier and I don’t have to ask for help in filling out documents or other paperwork. Now I can do it myself.”

Juana Gomez

Chula Vista, CA